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The first successful application of electric submersible pump for drainage and gas recovery in natural gas wells in Xinjiang Oilfield

date: 2020-07-31author: admin

With the successful implementation of electric submersible pump drainage gas production technology in well dx1804 of Kelameili gas field, the first gas production plant of Xinjiang Oilfield, marks that the key project of development and adjustment of volcanic gas reservoir in kelameli gas field, comprehensive water control of gas field, has achieved phased results. As of December 5, the well has been in continuous production for 10 days, accumulating 273 cubic meters of drainage, and the annual drainage is expected to reach 10000 cubic meters. The reporter learned from the No.1 gas production plant of Xinjiang oil field on June 6 that this is the first time that a natural gas well in Xinjiang Oilfield has successfully used electric submersible pump for drainage and gas production.


The technology of electric submersible pump drainage gas production is a multistage centrifugal pump device which runs into the bottom of the well together with the tubing. Through the reasonable parameter design of the displacement of the electric pump and the gas-liquid separation device, the mixed liquid in the wellbore is pumped to the surface, so as to resume the production of the gas well. Electric submersible pump drainage gas production process has the advantages of large displacement range, maximum bottom hole back pressure reduction, high degree of automation and convenient management. Generally speaking, it is a process of one-stage and one-stage pressurization, rapid gas-liquid separation and liquid discharge from the wellhead.



Kelameili gas field is the first volcanic gas field with 100 billion cubic meters of reserves discovered by Xinjiang Oilfield Company. The geological conditions of the gas reservoir are very complex, and the exploration and development of volcanic rock is a worldwide problem. After nearly six years of development, a total of 124 natural gas wells have been put into operation in kelameli gas field, which is the main force of natural gas production in Xinjiang Oilfield Company in recent years. However, the problem of water production in the gas field has become increasingly prominent, which poses a serious threat to the high and stable production of the gas field.


It is reported that natural gas and formation water "live" in the volcanic gas reservoir of kelamei gas field. Natural gas flows to the surface, driving the formation water to move. The formation water is squeezed into the pores of natural gas storage, reducing the channel for natural gas to continue to enter the wellbore, and reducing the gas well production. In recent years, there are not a few wells that stop production because of formation water invasion, and some of them have not resumed production.


Facing the problem of water production from volcanic gas reservoir, No.1 gas production plant deeply analyzes the gas water relationship, water invasion mechanism and water production characteristics of the gas reservoir. By learning the development technology of water bearing gas reservoir, the water control method suitable for the actual situation of kelameli volcanic gas field is finally developed. Zhang Feng, deputy director of the plant, said: "since 2011, we have launched the research project on water control in kelamei gas field. We have carried out in-depth analysis on the overall gas water relationship, water invasion mechanism and water production characteristics of the gas reservoir, and worked out the management mode of" classified treatment "for gas wells. At the same time, optimization of drainage and gas production process and optimization of surface supporting facilities will ensure the smooth implementation of gas field water control and achieve the expected goal


While fighting against the "water devil", the plant has increased its scientific research efforts to comprehensively improve the management level of natural gas development. The integrated application of technology has achieved remarkable results. Breakthrough progress has been made in the application of coiled tubing drainage and gas recovery, sidetracking of old wells and volume fracturing of horizontal wells. The self-developed large particle bound water workover fluid has achieved good field application effect. It has basically formed a technical support system for gas reservoir management, gas production technology, surface engineering, safety and environmental protection, and technical supervision.



At present, well dx1804 actively drains 30 cubic meters a day, protecting the normal production of more than 200000 cubic meters per day of five gas wells in high position.


It is reported that the application of electric submersible pump drainage for gas recovery has improved the production time rate of natural gas wells, and opened up a new way for water invasion natural gas wells. Next, Xinjiang oil field No.1 gas production plant will deploy new drainage wells one after another with the goal of draining the volcanic gas reservoir in kelamei gas field.


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