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Flood control emergency response was adjusted from grade III to grade II, and Wuxi fully implemented flood control and disaster reduction measures

date: 2020-07-31author: admin

Flood control emergency response was adjusted from level III to level II. Wuxi fully implemented flood control and disaster reduction measures. In the early morning of yesterday, the project Department of Nanquan section of Taihu tunnel of Suzhou Wuxi Changzhou Expressway set up a "Party member commando team" and a "youth commando team" with a total of 190 people to carry out flood control and rescue work. At the same time, the commando team mobilized one excavator, three forklift trucks and two generators to carry out the foundation pit cofferdam heightening and damming project before the heavy rain. After five hours of emergency action, the tunnel cofferdam was increased by 50cm, filled with earth bags and prepared nearly 10000 emergency sandbags, which improved the flood prevention capacity and safety factor of the cofferdam. (Photo by Gu Qingfu and correspondent Cai Chaoyang)

Recently, heavy rainfall has intensified the situation of high water level in rivers and lakes. The water level in Wuxi of Sunan Canal is 4.69 meters, which is 0.16 meters higher than the guaranteed water level; the average water level of Taihu Lake is 4.52 meters, exceeding the warning level by 0.72 meters. The orange warning of flood in Wuxi section of Taihu Lake, Yangtze River and Sunan Canal has been launched, and the provincial flood control index has launched level II emergency response for flood control of Taihu Lake and Yangtze River. According to the weather forecast, there will still be 70-100 mm rainfall and 150 mm rainfall along the southern part of Jiangsu Province from 16 to 19. From 21:30 on the 15th, the city's flood control emergency response was adjusted from the previous level III to level II.

Accurate monitoring is a good front-end for decision-making

At 9:00 a.m., it rained heavily, and the staff of the urban monitoring center of the Municipal Bureau of hydrology were busy carrying out monitoring at the stations of Xicheng west line. At anqiao of Caohe River in Xili, Huishan District, the surveyor Wang Zhiqiang put on his raincoat, then put on his life jacket, and slowly put the current meter into the river with a rope. Soon, the buzzer began to make a continuous "drop by drop" sound. He said: "the current meter is driven by the water flow underwater. When it rotates around its axis, a signal will be sent out through the buzzer to count According to the time and the number of revolutions, the average velocity at the measuring point can be calculated. " The data they monitored combined with the "Wuxi hydrological information data" on the real-time observation screen of the Hydrological Bureau can accurately understand the water flow and water volume of each hydrological station, which is a good front station for flood control decision-making. There are more than 70 hydrological stations in Xicheng east line, Xicheng west line and Xicheng section line, which collect data and calculate on the same day.

At 7:00 a.m. in the municipal Hydrological Bureau, Zhu Liguo and his colleagues sat at their desks, inputting the historical data of relevant stations in the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake, as well as the real-time water level, discharge and rainfall of today into the relevant models, and predicted the flood level through the model + manual form. Zhu Liguo said that for water levels such as the Jiangyin section of the Yangtze River, they usually forecast the water level three days in advance in this way. On July 5, Jiangyin station of the Yangtze River exceeded the warning water level for the first time. They predicted on July 2, with an error of only 3cm, laying a solid foundation for decisive victory in flood control and flood fighting. At 8:30, he submitted the water regime analysis to the municipal defense index on time: the flood peak of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River passed through Nanjing in the morning. At present, the tide level of Jiangyin is in the period of turning tide. It is expected that the high tide level will gradually increase and the low tide level will gradually decrease. It is suggested that the gate stations along the river should seize the opportunity of low tide level to drain more waterlogging water; the water level of Taihu Lake is expected to rise, so it is suggested to strengthen the inspection of Taihu Lake levee Such situation analysis has been carried out every day since the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake started the level II response, which has been highly valued by the municipal defense index.

The function of earth culvert changes from active water to drainage

Yesterday morning, the sluice gate at the intersection of Liangxi River and Grand Canal was closed, and a stream of water entered the surrounding area through the pump beside the culvert which is connected with the city's flood control transportation. At the same time, the nearby xianliqiao pumping station "rumbled" and pumped the Liangxi River into the Grand Canal. "In the past, the water level of Liangxi river was more than 4 meters, and the low-lying areas along the line were easily flooded. In the last round of heavy rainfall, the water in some low-lying areas such as Daoxiang new village and Xinan new village in Helan Street reached more than 10 cm." Chen Guangyu, deputy director of the municipal prevention Office, said. Considering that there are many old villages and low-lying land along the Liangxi River, it is difficult for Liangxi River to discharge to the Grand Canal with the same high water level by gravity. After several discussions, water conservancy experts began to implement this innovative water conservancy project regulation on the 13th, which played a role in drainage of waterlogging originally used for water diversion and live water.

The drainage route seems to be extended, but the effect is obvious. The highest water level of Liangxi river near Dushan was 4.37m on the 13th and dropped to 3.51M at 7:00 on the 15th. The storage capacity was released to meet the heavy rainfall, and the drainage pressure of low-lying areas along the line was greatly reduced.

Water logging situation of Xinwu road is reported every hour

In order to cope with the rainstorm, Xinwu District Urban Management Bureau made a thorough plan. Special personnel were assigned to deal with the flood control work of 6 streets and roads directly under the district respectively. On the spot, coordination and guarantee were carried out, and the dynamic situation of road ponding was reported every hour. All municipal, environmental sanitation, green line staff and maintenance operation unit personnel on the road.

For the water prone points sorted out by the last heavy rain, especially the underpass channels and culverts, special personnel shall be arranged to stay in advance, and the mobile pump truck shall be on standby 24 hours at the water prone points. At the same time, a 50 meter channel will be excavated for the Pearl River channel. Due to the advance deployment and strict prevention in place, no large-scale ponding was found in the water prone points and 11 underpass of highway and railway interchanges in Xinwu district.

Yesterday, the law enforcement brigade of Xinwu district urban management department, municipal administration, environmental sanitation, greening lines and maintenance units dispatched more than 1000 person times, 93 vehicles, 2 large-scale mobile pump vehicles, 3 gasoline pumps and 3 power pumps to carry out flood control work. For Xinjin road and Huning Expressway, the water was drained by gasoline pump because of the low terrain. When the reporter sent the paper, the water had been removed. At the same time, the octagonal pipes at the intersection of Ximei road and Xinyun Road, Xinhong road and Taibo Avenue were dredged again, and the cover of water collecting well was opened to speed up the drainage.

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